Sliding Door Repair (Refurbishment)

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We are lucky to be able to enjoy our outdoor living spaces on Hilton Head.  Especially ocean front properties with a view of our beautiful coastline.  Having sliding glass doors that open with ease makes enjoying our spaces even better.  Unfortunately, these doors will sometimes jam, stick, or just not work quite right.  Most times, the doors need to be repaired, or refurbished.  That means replacing door rollers and tracks.

Southern Services carries several different types of rollers in stock.  Typically, we are able to provide the parts needed on site at the time of service, but in the rare case that we do not, we will remove one of the rollers to order the correct type from our suppliers and have them installed as soon as they are received.  The cost for each door is an average of $350 - $375 per door. That price includes sending two skilled men to complete the repair/refurbishment and the cost for parts associated with the door repair. The average door repair takes about 2 - 3 hours, as the technicians carefully remove the large glass panes and reinstall everything once complete. The price is subject to change if the rollers are special order, as some can be. 

One of the benefits to having Southern Services repair your sliding doors is that if there is any concealed damage, such as wood rot, we have the staff to quickly and efficiently complete any repairs. The average price does not include repairs done to any screen doors or concealed damage, those are repaired on a time and materials basis.  

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Sliding door repair not only refers to patio doors, but also to closet doors and shower doors. We are equipped to handle the repair or replacement of any of these types of doors.  Including re-screening screen doors on-site.  Call our office to schedule a sliding door refurbishment or to find out more.

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